Dive into the captivating world of RUMPI: Ruang Mimpi! 

Inclusivibe Production proudly presents a captivating blend of performance and art exhibition, curated to celebrate the talents and stories of minority groups. Led by our dynamic team:

Our team of talented visionaries includes:

- Thesis Advisor: Mikhael Yulius Cobis, M,Si. M.M
- Producer & Sponsorship Manager: Mutiara Angelia
- Conceptor & Director: Ghevira Nurkhaliza
- Art Director & Partnership Manager: Fajar Prasetyo

Set your calendars for April 27th and 28th, and join us at Gandaria City’s Main Atrium, Level 2, from 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM.

But wait, there’s more! We’re thrilled to welcome our special guest stars:

- Anindhita Asmarani (Albino Singer & Influencer)
- Juli (Down Syndrome Dancer)
- Aziz (Down Syndrome Dancer)
- Namira (Down Syndrome Dancer)

‼️Performances will exclusively take place on April 27th at 6:00 PM‼️

Their performances will not only entertain but also shed light on the beauty of diversity and the power of artistic expression.

At the core of RUMPI: Ruang Mimpi lies a noble objective—to showcase the rich talents and narratives of minority groups, fostering inclusivity and understanding. Through immersive exhibits and dynamic performances, we aim to uplift and inspire, demonstrating the transformative potential of the arts.

Join us as we celebrate diversity, creativity, and the indomitable spirit of human expression. Let’s come together to make RUMPI: Ruang Mimpi a celebration of unity and empowerment!

So come one, come all, and be part of this transformative experience. Let’s celebrate diversity, creativity, and the boundless potential of the human spirit together!

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27 May 2024 -
28 May 2024


Gandaria City Mall