Pakuwon Trade Center

Pakuwon Trade Center offers the best affordable shopping experience from a large variety of local and international products. The trade center promotes opportunities for small enterprises and domestic retailers to expand their business. Incorporated and adjacent to the large size Pakuwon Mall, the center can enhance customer traffics through the common share of car parking. Anchored by Ace Hardware and Informa, the center offers an one stop shopping concept for home makers.

This trade center is well known for its exquisite local cuisines. Ranging from the famous fried duck to potatoes donuts. Other than food, people visit this center for local fashion, accessories, shoes, jewelry, timepieces, videos, gifts, souvenirs, books and electrical equipment.

The most unique offering in the trade center is the pet center where an array of pet shops are located. You can find many irresistible little animals for sales here. They offer pet glooming services in the shop too and some have pet hotel services where you can leave your little love ones in comfort while travelling.

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